Autonomous Computing Systems Lab

Welcome to ACSL! ACSL is located at C11-402, AI Graduate School, GIST, Gwangju, Republic of Korea.

We design and build autonomous computing systems to make human lives better (AI for X). Currently, we are focusing on

  1. Intelligent Interaction Systems, which are essential to receive human messages, understand human intentions and infer proper services for humans, and
  2. Robot Artificial Intelligence, which consists of three core technologies to implement customized services: multi-modal perception, general-purpose navigation, and mobile manipulation.

For more details, refer to our


2024-02 세훈, 이룸 joined ACSL :)
2023-08 원식 joined ACSL :)
2023-02 재우 joined ACSL :)
2023-01 Our Innopolis proposal (as a co-I) was recommended for funding.
2022-10 Our WiTA paper was accepted to T-AI.
2022-04 Our IITP proposals (as the GIST PI / a co-I) with ETRI / KETI were recommended for funding.
2022-03 Our SimSaC paper was accepted to CVPR as an oral presentation.
2022-03 Our NRF / KIAT proposals (as the sole-PI / a co-I) were recommended for funding.
2022-02 재원, 수지, 지애 joined ACSL :)
2021-10 ACSL was established at GIST!